Japan's History

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Timeline of Japan's History
Year - BC: Period & Events in the History of Japan
35,000 Homo-sapiens migrated to the islands of what is now Japan from eastern and southeastern Asia with well established patterns of tool making and hunting.
10,000 - 300 Jomon Period: More stable living patterns arise. Skillful fishing developed. Clay figures and vessels made. Basic agriculture started. By late Jomon rice paddy farming and government structure began.
300 - 250 AD Yayoi Period: Bronze tools first appear. Permanent farming villages established. Cloth woven.
Year - AD: Period & Events in the History of Japan
250 - 710 Yamato Period: Yamato Imperial Government ruled from the modern-day Nara prefecture. It is divided into two parts based upon the arrival of Buddhism and noted below.
250 - 538 Kufon Period: Highly aristocratic society with militaristic rulers. Armor and weapons common. A critical stage in Japan's development towards a cohesive state.
538 - 710 Asuka Period: Arrival of Buddhism. Significant artistic, social and political changes.
710 - 784 Nara Period: Capital of Nara established. Efforts to document history and literature began by Imperial Court. Widespread written language.
784 - 1185 Heian Period: Peak of Japan's Imperial Court and it's art, poetry and literature. Considered a high point in Japanese culture admired by later generations.
1185 - 1333 Kamakura Period: The Kamakura Shogunate governs. Said to be the beginning of the Japanese middle ages.
1333 - 1336 Kemmu Period: Known as the Kemmu Restoration. Three years between the fall of Kamakura Shogunate and the rise of Ashikaga Shogunate.
1336 - 1573 Muromachi Period: Marked by the governance of Muromachi or Ashikaga Shogunate. The early years are known as Nanboku-cho Court period. The latter years are known as the Sengoku period. Both are noted below.
1336 - 1392 Nanboku-cho Period: Events unknown. Research needed.
1476 - 1615 Sengoku Period: Period of long civil war started in 1467 with the Onin war. The ruling authority of Ashikaga or Muromachi Shogunate was destroyed. A complete breakdown of social order followed..
1573 - 1603 Azuchi-Momoyama Period: Marked by the governance of Oda Nobunaga and Toyotomi Hideyoshi. The period name comes from the names of their castles; the Azuchi castle and the Momoyama castle.

1600 - 1867

Edo Period: Beginning of the Edo or Tokugawa Shogunate.


Battle of Sekigahara
1707 Eruption of Mount Fuji
1868 - 1912 Meiji Period: Japan started modernizing and rose towards world power status.
1912 - 1926 Taisho Period: The period of "Great Righteousness". A time of liberal movement known as the Taisho Democracy.
1926 - 1989 Showa Period: The period in which Emperor Hirohito ruled Japan. The Showa period is dived into three sub-periods noted below.
1926 - 1945 Expansionism Period: With the Great Depression Japan turned to Fascism. Attempts to jump-start economy through military industry. Due to lack of natural resources, Japan felt that resource-rich colonies were needed.
1941 December, 7th - Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in an attempt to neutralize American Naval power in the Pacific region. A defining moment in history as Japan and America go to war.
1945 August, 6th - The first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. It was soon followed by another on Nagasaki on August, 9th.
1945 - 1952 Occupied Japan: After it's defeat in WWII Japan was occupied by allied troops mostly consisting of US forces. Society was greatly affected during this time.
1952 - 1989 Post-occupied Japan: Japan entered a period of peace and great economic growth after enacting the Treaty of San Francisco.
1989 - Present Heisei Period: Japan's current period named by Emperor Akihito after the death of his father, Hirohito, the Showa Emperor.
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